I received a phone call from Amy, the owner of Guiseppe's Grille in Northborough, Mass to photograph her restaurant and some of the entrees she serves. She would be using these images for her new website. It was a perfect Monday morning with the sun beaming through the restaurant windows. Photographing the cafe, bar and dining rooms, I could smell the aromas of different herbs and spices permeating from the kitchen. It was a comforting feeling to see the delicious meals I would be photographing. When the shoot was done, I had the privilege of tasting all the dishes. That was the best part of the day. From pizza, filet mignon, grilled salmon and tiramisu, every bite I ate was delicious. 

On Valentine's Day, my wife and I had the pleasure of dining there that evening. The appetizers, salads and entrees we ate were amazing and the atmosphere warm and inviting. This is one restaurant you have to try!



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